RS Series Multihead Weighers

RS Series Multihead Weigher

Ishida's new range of hardworking multihead weighers represents outstanding value, with accuracy and speed that easily outclass most 'top-of-the-range' competitor weighing machine models. Benefit from recent technological advances, including a new, extra-fast combination calculation system, as well as the legendary reliability of Ishida engineering.

The RS series multihead weighers also offer:

  • Improved weighing accuracy means more packs per kg of product
  • Fast calculation time delivers more packs per shift
  • Self-tuning vibration system optimises product flow
  • Simple, tool-free cleaning cuts weighing machine downtime
  • Quicker, simpler training and use, with easy-to-learn operator interface
  • Optimise your application with a range of 'bolt-on' options


PDF RS-214 Fresh Produce (1,623KB)


Developed originally to handle easily-bruised potatoes, this new version of the Ishida Produce Weigher offers all the speed and accuracy advantages of the Ishida RS-Series.

PDF RS-Multihead for Shellfish (435KB)


Top value plus new speed and accuracy in shellfish weighing

PDF Salad Weigher (876KB)


The first purpose built weigher for the salad industry.

PDF Ishida and the Multihead Weigher - Non-stop Innovation (2,534KB)


This brochures outlines how major advances as well as day-to-day improvements have enabled one company to remain at the forefront of the field for many years

PDF Ishida Training (1,291KB)


The key to improved efficiency and profitability.

PDF RS Series multihead weighers (1,586KB)


Combining state-of-the-art Ishida technology with unmatched accuracy and reliability, the RS range guarantees outstanding packing line efficiency and provides excellent return on investment.

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Successful packing of confectionery products


In confectionery manufacture you need the right tools for the job at every stage, including packing.

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Throughput Increases by 60,000 Olive Pots a Day


The installation of five multihead weighers from Ishida Europe has helped to triple throughput at Ansolive, a leading European supplier and distributor of olives and Mediterranean products.

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Weigher Toughs it out for Fast Payback


Denmark's leading poultry processor achieves excellent results with an Ishida multihead weigher.

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Compact packing line allows fast response


A fast but highly compact packing line based around an Ishida CCW-RS multihead weigher is enabling Swiss convenience food manufacturer Fredag AG to respond to urgent orders for products in thermoform packs such as chicken nuggets.

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Ishida Solution Improves Tomato Packing Line Performance


A customised packing line solution devised by Ishida Europe and the company's Belgium sole distributor BRN has increased production output by 200%, greatly reduced product giveaway, and improved flexibility at leading Belgian tomato producer/packer Frani.

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Wipasz Selects Meyn-Ishida for Major Poultry Processing Project in Poland


Meyn-Ishida, the alliance dedicated to the sales of total poultry processing solutions, has just won its fourth major contract since its official launch in January 2011. The project involves the delivery and installation of a complete Wall to Wall plant adjacent to the existing factory for Wipasz in Poland, and will be among the most valuable to be initiated in the European poultry processing industry this year.

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Information Regarding the North-East Pacific Earthquake in Japan (PR issued by Ishida Japan on 17/3/11)


We would like to send our deepest sympathy to all those who have suffered in the North-east Pacific earthquake in Japan.

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Ishida Promises Innovations Galore (Interpack Preview - Ishida Europe, Stand 15/A25 & 15/A26)


A host of new models will be unveiled by Ishida Europe at Interpack, covering the company's entire product portfolio of multihead weighers, checkweighers, bagmakers, tray sealers and X-ray inspection systems.

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Ishida Weigher Flexes its Mussels


An Ishida RS-Series multihead weigher at leading French shellfish producer and processor Medithau Maree has increased production throughput and reduced giveaway for 1.4kg vacuum packed trays of ready-to-cook mussels supplied to leading supermarkets in France.

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From Bags to Trays in 15 minutes with Ishida Packing Line Soluiton


French meat products supplier Andre Bazin has installed a packing line from Ishida Europe, which is capable of packing products into trays and bags while reducing manual handling and delivering fast accurate weighing.

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Ishida in the Spotlight at Emballage with New Multiheads


Ishida Europe is launching a new multihead weigher for citrus fruits and root vegetables at Emballage 2010. Further highlights for visitors to the Ishida stand include a complete high-speed tray packing line, state-of-the-art weighers for fresh products, and an advanced X-ray inspection system, all of which emphasise the company's leadership in weighing accuracy, inspection and quality control.

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Ishida Solution Handles Four Products on Two Packing Lines


German organic food company Rapunzel Naturkost has invested in two Ishida RS multihead weighers for the weighing and packing of four diverse products, including muesli, dried fruit and cashew nuts, and a new range of gourmet, ready-to-eat dishes containing rice, vegetables and spices.

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Ishida Provides the Right Solution for Frozen Food Lines


Ledo, the largest supplier of frozen food products in Croatia, has benefited from the expertise of Ishida Europe in the installation of three weighing and packing lines for frozen vegetables, fish and pastry that have enabled the company to reduce product giveaway, increase production capacity and tighten production control.

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Advanced Automation and Complete Traceability from Ishida


Ishida Europe has designed and installed a complete packing line enabling three to four operators to produce prepared salads at up to 40 trays per minute, whilst automating inspection and making every pack traceable to a stored X-ray image.

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Ishida Supplies A Smoked Salmon Solution


A complete solution for the weighing and packing of salmon lardons has been supplied by Ishida Europe to smoked fish specialist Meralliance, enabling the company to reduce product giveaway while at the same time enhancing pack presentation in retail outlets.

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Mike Heffernan to Head up Ishida Europe Sales


Ishida Europe has appointed Mike Heffernan as Director of Sales - Core Products to lead the company in the next stage of its growth programme. Mr Heffernan will be responsible for sales of Ishida's extensive range of weighing and associated equipment, including its world leading multihead weighers, checkweighers, X-ray systems and snack food bagmakers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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Exhibition Showcases Ishida Packing Line Solutions


Weighing and packing solutions for a variety of products including snacks, fresh and frozen produce and ready meals, plus the latest developments in quality control systems, will form the focus of Ishida Europe's stand at Total Processing & Packaging 2010.

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Meat Packing Solutions from Ishida Europe


Weighing and packing equipment specialist Ishida Europe will be displaying a variety of meat packing solutions at this year's IFFA exhibition, including a complete high-speed tray packing line, state-of-the-art fresh food weighers, an advanced X-ray inspection system, and the latest checkweigher developments, all of which demonstrate the company's expertise in weighing accuracy, inspection and quality control.

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New Weighers are a 'Grate' Success


Austrian company Berglandmilch has invested in a multihead weigher and checkweigher from Ishida Europe, enabling it to pack grated cheese accurately into bags to within one gram of target weight and leading to a fast payback on the investment.

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Ishida Helps Zotter To Think Outside The Box


An Ishida RS-Series multihead weigher installed at leading Austrian confectionery manufacturer Zotter Schokoladen Manufaktur GmbH has enabled the company to achieve a new level of packing accuracy for its premium 'Balleros' range, resulting in an extra 20 boxes for every 1000 produced.

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Weighing partnership delivers multiple benefits


The installation of Ishida multihead weighers at leading United Arab Emirates' food processor Cascade Marine Foods, one of the manufacturing facility of Al Kabeer Group of Companies has enabled the company to double production output and reduce giveaway and downtime, while at the same time achieving improved hygiene and product quality.

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Ishida Helps Preserve the Full Flavour of Dried Fruit


Ishida Europe has supplied Maître Prunille, a major producer of dried fruit, with three different multihead weigher models in order to handle a wide variety of products while meeting demanding speed and accuracy specifications.

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Top Salad Processor Benefits From Ishida Packing Line


A new packing line at Dutch salad processor Tuinderij Vers B.V., entirely sourced from Ishida Europe, has doubled packing speeds and halved labour costs as well as demonstrating other benefits of single-source supply.

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X-Ray Inspection System Ensure Chicken Fillet Quality


The installation of two Ishida X-ray inspection systems at the Rose Poultry factory in Skovsgaard, Denmark, has fully automated the previously manual process of checking chicken fillets for bones and enabled up to 10 operators to be re-deployed elsewhere in the factory.

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Ishida Grows in the Middle East


The opening of new purpose-designed premises in Dubai is underlining Ishida's ongoing commitment to its customer base in the Middle East and Africa.

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Strategic Cooperation Between Multivac and Ishida Packing Line Solutions from Two World Leaders


Two of the world's leading companies in the packaging industry, Multivac and Ishida, have agreed upon a strategic cooperation to provide customers with fully integrated, best-in-class packing line solutions.

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Report says the Right Supply Partner can Maximise Benefits of Automation


Food manufacturers should benchmark their own level of automation against the industry standard to ensure that production efficiencies do not fall behind the competition, according to a new report published by the University of Lincoln and supported by Ishida Europe.

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Ishida Provides Speed and Flexibility for Poultry Packing


Ishida Europe has installed a model from its latest multihead weigher range to speed up and provide greater flexibility for the packing process at leading poultry processor Europa Cuisson of Wauthier Braine Belgium.

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PPMA Show Preview, Ishida Europe, Hall 12 Stand 12231


A number of new machines on display on the Ishida Europe stand at the PPMA Show will demonstrate the company's pioneering technology and ability to offer complete packaging solutions. The new equipment includes Ishida's QX Tray Sealer with integrated checkweigher, the UK debut of the groundbreaking R Series multihead weigher and the company's new Atlas bagmaker, which will also be shown as part of an ITPS (Integrated Total Packing System) for snacks.

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PDF A Sprinkling of Cheese, a Whole Extra Helping of Profit (209KB)

17 June 2010

Ishida weighing and checkweighing are helping Austria's largest food producer to optimise yield when packing grated cheese.

PDF Advanced Automation and Complete Traceability from Ishida (635KB)

17 June 2010

Ishida Europe has designed and installed a completepacking line enabling three to four operators to produce prepared salads at up to 40 trays per minute,

PDF Preserving the Full Flavour of Dried Fruit (294KB)

17 June 2010

A major producer of dried fruit in France has chosen three different types of Ishida multihead weigher to handle a wide variety of products.

PDF Smoked Salmon Solution Goes Swimmingly for Meralliance (204KB)

17 June 2010

Ishida has designed and installed a complete solution for weighing and packing salmon lardons for smoked fish specialist Meralliance.

PDF Swedish Meatballs Travel at Up To 120 Bags per Minute (169KB)

17 June 2010

Sweden's largest food-sector family business has installed a 14-head weigher from Ishida Europe on its meatball processing line at Källby.

PDF Zotter Thinks Outside the Chocolate Box (209KB)

17 June 2010

Zotter Schokoladen Manufaktur GmbH goes all out for taste and uniqueness. No two chocolates in its Balleros range are precisely the same size or shape.

PDF A Flexible Approach to Weighing (438KB)

09 July 2008

A French food group diversified its range of frozen ready meals to such an extent that their existing production line simply wasn't up to the job.

PDF A Versatile Packing Solution (783KB)

09 July 2008

Limited capacity threatened the growth plans of a leading Dutch supplier of top quality flat fish to European supermarkets.

PDF A breakthrough in snack-packing efficiency (248KB)

01 March 2004

A major snack food company, uses two Ishida Flexible Packing Systems (FPS) running an entire production and packing unit with a 60% reduction in labour costs.

PDF How to reduce cost through machine reliability and line flexibility (297KB)

01 March 2004

Swiss biscuit manufacturer producing 12,000 tons of biscuits in 160 product lines uses Ishida Multihead Weighers on 2 packing lines.

PDF How to reduce costs, increase quality and flexibility (477KB)

01 March 2004

Leading Swiss health food producer of extrusions, biscuits and flakes needed a solution to packing grain products into special sealed cups.

PDF Ishida Distribution System puts prawns and mussels into thermoformed trays (337KB)

01 March 2004

A large processor of frozen foods which supplies most of the UK supermarkets needed to rapidly expand its packing operation.

PDF Ishida multiheads reduce downtime (180KB)

01 March 2004

A flexible, multi-functional array of equipment for mixing, weighing and packing confectionery uses five 14-head weighers from Ishida.

PDF Mixing sugar-coated eggs: a colourful challenge (217KB)

01 March 2004

One of Denmark's major confectionery manufacturers has chosen to mix/weigh its sugar-coated eggs using an Ishida multihead weigher.

PDF New Health Food packing operation installed by Ishida Europe (203KB)

01 March 2004

Investment in a new purpose built packing and distribution centre including 3 complete packing lines devised and installed by Ishida Europe.

PDF Reducing time to market with Ishida (155KB)

01 March 2004

Choice of Ishida demonstrates that today's food manufacturers are looking for not just reliable, flexible equipment but a supplier who can offer complete solutions.

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